CCTV is now recognized as the premier tool in the fight against crime and lawlessness, helping to protect homes, work places, private & public spaces of all kinds. Whether viewed ‘live’ by an operator or used to record activity for review at a later time, CCTV video surveillance will ensure that crime against people, theft and vandalism are substantially reduced. If an incident should oc...
For years we've been asking for it and now it's here and there's no going back - HDCCTV has arrived and it's sensational. We have teamed up with market leader Dahua and we have fully embraced their HDCVI technology and the best bit of all - it's the same price as the mid range analogue equipment we've been installing in recent years. Not only is it an amazing leap forward for CCTV but Dahua prod...
Intruder Alarm Systems
Intruder Alarm Systems are generally regarded as the number one weapon in the fight against crime and disorder, helping to protect homes and work places throughout the world. Whether simple door contacts & movement sensors, or high security perimeter protection & dual-path signaling, intruder alarm systems can be tailored for any type of property. metcalfeallen have installations ranging...
Access Control Systems
Access Control Systems are an ever-increasing part of our expanding business. Whether simple door control using a mechanical digital lock or a multi-door, multi-building, multi-site system using local and wide area networks, access control systems can be tailored for any type of site or property. metcalfeallen have installed a wide variety of systems since 1996 and primarily use equipment from P...
Integrated Security Systems
Integrated Security Systems from Metcalfe Allen - Providing Peace of mind by helping protect People, Property, Possessions and Pets. Whether the integration is across a single discipline eg. an access control solution incorporating control panels, card readers and access control cards with printed photo ID or whether the integration is across multiple disciplines such as an access control...
GP Registrar Consultation Recording
Although better known for our security systems, metcalfeallen have for many years been installing GP Registrar Consultation Recording systems in General Practices & Medical Centres for video recording Patient consultations for training and assessment purposes. Older systems, relying on videocassette recorders, were cumbersome to operate and time consuming to edit but the introduction o...
Phone Entry & GSM Entry Systems
Where an access controlled entry point is a long distance from the main property or getting a cable back to the handset is problematic, a telephone or GSM based system could well be the answer. It might be that you have a remote site like a builders yard or stable and would like to know when people visit - one of the key features of this system is that pressing the call button will instigate a ca...
The County & Country Shows in Devon
  Meeting potential customers is, of course, one of the great things about exhibiting at the County and local Shows, however, it is what we learn from those discussions that keeps us up to speed with the ever changing security requirements of the rural community. From the stories we are told, I am rarely surprised by the issues affecting the rural community - from fly-tipping to the the...
Metcalfe Allen Ltd are proud to be members of the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) and Managing Director Jerry Allen has formerly been involved both locally here in the South West as well as nationally. If you would like to join this fantastic federation of over 160,000 small & medium sized UK businesses, either do so on-line via the fsb website or please get in touc...
Special Offer: Wireless Alarms
Until recently we were concerned about the reliability and performance of wire-free alarm systems - but not any longer. The Enforcer system, manufactured by Pyronix and professionally installed by ourselves, is a high spec and fully featured alarm system. Unlike cheaper DIY wire-free systems, which can seem like glorified car alarms, the Enforcer range can even be used fo...


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For years we’ve been asking for it and now it’s here and there’s no going back – HDCCTV has arrived and it’s sensational.
We have teamed up with market leader Dahua and we have fully embraced their HDCVI technology and the best bit of all – it’s the same price as the mid range analogue equipment we’ve been installing in recent years.
Not only is it an amazing leap forward for CCTV but Dahua produce a range of Tribrid Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) which are backward compatible, thus providing an extremely cost effective way of migrating to HDCVI from analogue.

HDCVI, unlike traditional analogue CCTV,  is an entirely new technology and HDCCVI cameras produce full HD images by utilising a new generation of 1920 x 1080 pixel CMOS imaging chips.
HDCVI DVRs record in full HD and images are viewed (live and playback) on an HD Monitor in stunning detail with unbelievable colour rendition.

The combination of powerful video processors and very large Western Digital Purple hard drives allow us to handle the vast amounts of video data when it comes to both recording and playback and,due to the sheer volume of data, archiving is now directly to USB Pen Drives as DVDs are too slow and limited in capacity.

Although there is no direct conversion between these two differing camera technologies (TV lines for analogue cameras & pixels/mega-pixels for HD cameras), as a generalisation, analogue cameras are equivalent to approximately 300,000 pixels or 1/3 of a mega-pixel. HD cameras have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 = 2,100,000 pixels or 2.1 mega-pixels.

If you would like to visit our premises to see HDCVI in action, please contact us to make an appointment.
We have a huge 50″ monitor on our showroom wall which is easily mistaken for a window. Seeing is believing and I guarantee, you will be blown away.

For further information or to arrange a free, no obligation survey, please telephone 01884 38222 or go to our on-line form or simply click and email us your details.



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